Mustard in The IT Crowd

Graham Linehan, writer of The IT Crowd (and Father Ted, Black Books etc.) is apparantly a fan of Mustard and is using it as set dressing in the next series.
In other words it's one of the many things scattered around the office of the computer geek protagonists. Here's some photos from the recording we saw:
From the audience you can see the set (if you peer around the cameramen) and also the camera-eye-view on the big monitors overhead.
On the big monitor: Graham Linehan (in green t-shirt) talks with the cast
In this scene there's a copy of Mustard on the table right by the resting leg.
After filming I nipped up and snapped this close-up of the mags on the table
Here's it again zoomed in
Patrick Monahan warms up the crowd
Another scene in the board room set over to the left
Graham confers with the cast between takes - there's another copy of Mustard on the desk next to them, just in front of the computer monitor
View of the set from the audience

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