Vanessa's Hello Magazine

Printing on your computer

Click on any of the three small images below - this will open the larger image,
which has been set to print on a standard A4 page within the default margins.
Then simply print the page on your browser as normal.
These will print the page at 72dpi - the standard web image quality.

Professional Prints
If you want full-size colour prints on glossy paper I can get them done locally for £8.50 each.
The cover is printed 24cm wide by 33cm high (the actual size of a Hello mag) and 225 dpi.
The two spreads can be printed at the same paper size but on it's side: 33cm wide by 24cm high.
I could also print these 'life size' (24cm high by 66cm wide) but that would be very big and cost more.

Alternatively, email me for the high-res images and you can get them printed yourself.

cover  spread 1  spead 2

The Text
You might not be able to read the text on the 72dpi web versions.
In case you can't, here are enlargements of each of the text boxes: