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WWF My Footprint
WWF My FootprintTui

My Footprint app

WWF's app helps people lead a more ecological life


Making it easier and more satisfying to choose and track challenges


Reviewed and rationalised the types of challenges to better fit logical groups

Redesigned the logic for each, including rules, timings, nudges and rewards

Evolved the interface for completing challenges and improved shareability

WWF My Footprint

Wireframes showing challenge page templates in rationalised groups

WWF My Footprint

Wireframes showing evolved challenge interface

WWF My Footprint

Detail showing how circle 'stamps' now work

WWF My Footprint

Turning a pain point into an opportunity for sharing

WWF My Footprint

Planning the notification schedule

WWF My Footprint
WWF My Footprint
WWF My Footprint

Designs of key pages

Key Wins

Evolved and rationalised structure

Easier to maintain and more rewarding to use

Client Feedback

"This new version you designed really hits the heights
of what we'd imagined in the beginning"

–WWF My Footprint


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