AROUND TOWN [13]  :  MARKET SQUARE [6]  :  LABYRINTH [15]  :  GARDENS [8]  :  EVENING [11]
PALACE RUINS [25]  :  CLIMBING [13]  :  VILLAGE [12]  :  DINING OUT [2]

Palace Ruins

The ruins of Palace Somethingorother
The sun right behind a palm tree
...and reflected in Pamela's glasses
View from a throne room through to the main courtyard
Huge birds nested everywhere - this one right on the point of a roof.
Exploring the ruins
Looking down a strange hole in the ground...
...catacombs are beneath...
...where you can look back up the holes.
Looking up from a hole
Two sunken gardens sit in the courtyard
Lemon trees
Those big nesting birds
Looking ourt from a tower over a city of roofs and satelite dishes...
...including this big one nearby.

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