Myth Management Characters


Emily Peasbridge

Emily Peasbridge

Our 19-year-old heroine has just begun her apprenticeship at Myth Management. Smart and diligent, anxious but determined to succeed. Her resolve will soon be tested in ways she cannot imagine.

Dr Guy Champ

Administrator Champ

A Senior Administrator at Myth Management, he cuts a dashing figure in the bureau's regulation tailored tweed. Handsome and capable, well spoken and wise, though a little old-fashioned.



This large, hairy, dog-like humanoid is an Administration Assistant. He has an amiable temperament and a nose that smells trouble. His love of Ska music is matched only by his unswerving loyalty to Champ.

"Myths and legends are part of humanity’s psyche, our race memory.
A cult in ancient Egypt worships the scarab, 60’s Britain gets Beatlemania – echoes reverberating through history."

— Dr Guy Champ


Emily’s dorm-mate and BFF is thrilled to be an apprentice at Myth Management. She enthusiastically throws herself into situations with an optimism bordering on mania.


The ancient Greek God of wine, fertility and madness. He hates being managed by human bureaucrats and longs for a return to his glory days of dominion over the human world.


The head of Dionysus' satyr army is calculating, power-hungry, and more ruthless than Dionysus himself. Like all satyrs, he has goat horns and hooved feet on horse-like legs.

"Do you know why I'm going to win? Because deep down, you want me to. You long to give up, give in. To drown your dismal mortal problems in wine, women and song.
And also, because I'm going to cheat."

— Dionysus
Myth Management Cherubs

The Story

For hundreds of years, the British bureaucracy of Myth Management has maintained the delicate balance between the human and mythological worlds – a thin tweed line between civilisation and chaos.

Today, Emily Peasbridge – lanky, bookish and accident-prone – begins her academy apprenticeship at their HQ; a sprawling building wedged between dimensions. Here, she must administer creatures of myth and legend, match wits with ancient gods, and battle institutionalised sexism – ably assisted by her new best friend Izzy, the dashing and mysterious Administrator Champ, and Rudy, the seven-foot Shoggyhund.

But when an old enemy rises and mythical creatures begin infiltrating the human realm, it’s up to the academy's newest recruits to help them face their greatest challenge. So keep calm, stiffen those upper lips, and put the kettle on, because you’re about to witness... mything in action.