Myth Managements Dragon Minotaur


Who is Alex Musson?

Myth Management's author is a UX designer working in London, and parent of two young boys. Alex was editor, publisher, designer and lead writer on the cult British comedy magazine, Mustard. Read more at

What is Mustard magazine?

Mustard magazine was an independent comedy mag jam-packed with funny words and pictures, plus exclusive interviews with the comedy greats. It was described by Patton Oswalt as the British answer to The Onion, appeared in Channel 4's BAFTA-winning sitcom The IT Crowd, and had rave reviews from The Guardian, The Telegraph, BBC and Channel 4. You can get the complete 336-page compendium edition, featuring new and updated material plus expanded interviews, at

How does the book fit in to the Uncanny Kingdom?

Myth Management is part of the Uncanny Kingdom (UK) universe, and is the first book written by someone other than series creators David Bussell and Matthew Stott. A few other UK characters are mentioned in the book, and no doubt we'll see Myth Management characters popping up in future Uncanny Kingdom books.

Is there a newsletter?

Yes; sign up to the Uncanny Kingdom newsletter for all the latest on Myth Management and other UK universe books.

How can I contact the author or publisher?

Contact Alex on or the publisher on