USA Road Trip, April 2004

day 1: Massachusetts [11]  :  day 2: Niagara Falls [6]  :  day 3: Ontario-Illinois [13]  :  day 4: Chicago [13]
day 5: Wisconsin-Minnesota [6]  :  day 6: South Dakota [6]  :  day 7: Badlands [20]  :  day 8: Wyoming/Montana [20]
day 9: Yellowstone Park [24]  :  day 10: Montana/Idaho [8]  :  day 11: Roslyn [7]  :  day 12: Seattle [7]

Wyoming & Montana

We spent the previous night in Sundance, Wyoming. The motel had a massive amount of taxidermy displayed in their reception. Watching the TV the next morning, I was introduced to the children's TV show 'Mr. Rogers', which is huge in the US. Cementing the iconic nature of the day, a pair of bald eagles circled over us as we drove along.
Drive-thru coffee time
Passing through Big Timber
Sundance is where the Sundance Kid got his name, having spent time in jail there. A local shop keeper called Butch (ha!) had this photo on his wall of Montana in 1883, which - allegedly - shows a group including Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Wyatt Earp, Judge Roy Bean and President Roosevelt.
Butch also had this picture of his dad in WWII France with his Harley biker unit.
Apparantly they were a mounted unit and when they got to France they said 'where's the horses?' - and someone said 'over there', pointing to the bikes. The names on the photo are the nicknames of the gang - except for his Dad, Dick, who refuses to tell his son what his nickname was.
Old barn
We needed gas but were too scared to stop here
'The smart choice'. Welcome to the Mid-West!
"Have you been up to Devils Tower?" the locals asked. "It's a big old hunk of rock" they said, fondly. Driving up to it, I thought it looked familiar but couldn't place it until it started reminding me of mashed potato.
Hot dogs, drinks and ... what the hey?
Get stuffed
This day we also passed Little Big Horn... now the site of a casino. I found this very very amusing.
Long road ahead
Dog in back of truck
Old town
Farmhouse 1
Farmhouse 2
Dusk driving
Taking in the view at dusk

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