USA Road Trip, April 2004

day 1: Massachusetts [11]  :  day 2: Niagara Falls [6]  :  day 3: Ontario-Illinois [13]  :  day 4: Chicago [13]
day 5: Wisconsin-Minnesota [6]  :  day 6: South Dakota [6]  :  day 7: Badlands [20]  :  day 8: Wyoming/Montana [20]
day 9: Yellowstone Park [24]  :  day 10: Montana/Idaho [8]  :  day 11: Roslyn [7]  :  day 12: Seattle [7]

Day 10: Montana & Idaho

We had stayed the night in Laurel, the only bad motel experience of our journey (as Steve observed:
'these people crawled out of trailers on flippers and evolved into motel owners').
At a local breakfast bar I finally got into the concept of free refills and had 7 cups of coffee.
We pulled over and took a moment to take in the scenery
Hitting a small town, I lived the American Dream by spending 40 minutes (and many quarters) in a batting cage. "You made a woman miow?"
In the evening we passed through a little town which featured a Bordello Museum (closed, unfortunately)
...and a great local bar/restaurant called the 1313 Club... here the owner took a photo of us
This town was also where we saw our favourite sign of the trip.
Mountains on the way to Seattle
A bad view to see when driving along the highway. Actually, this truck wasn't about to hit us head on, it was being towed backwards on a pick-up truck

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